the girl

I'm Lesley! I live a suburban, minivan life in Maple Ridge, BC Canada with my hubs and our three rugrats. Everyday is an adventure in our family. I'm a lover of graphic design and photography.

the creds

I wear my 'mom' badge proudly, but before kids I graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree and a diploma in Recreation Facilities Management. 

the idea

After three kids (in 3 years!) and three ugly baby books, I decided to survey other moms to find out if they liked their baby books. Turns out most people I heard from felt their baby books lacked style.


Mushybooks was created to give moms and dads an option that aren't all 'pink and blue.' We know that finding the time and energy to fill in a baby book can be challenging. That is why each page has been carefully and beautifully designed to help make you successful in filling in your Mushybook.


Mushybooks have the perfect balance of prompts, space for photos and room to write what YOU want to remember, all in a simple, clean keepsake book. Pages are easily added or removed using the Chicago Screw binding system. Unlike binder style baby books, Mushybooks lay flat and are easy to write in without the bulk of binder rings in the way. Another unique feature of Mushybooks is that pages can be added/removed easily including replacement pages if you make a mistake. Each book comes with a protective book sleeve to keep your book in pristine condition. Our books are printed in Vancouver, BC Canada and hand-assembled by us.