last minute lumberjack party

last minute lumberjack party
reindeer print.jpg
Happy Birthday printable banner
wood slice charger
buffalo check fabric
pine cones
balloon cake topper
red disposable plates
red napkins

As a mom of three, I don't often have my 'stuff' together.  I'm not even going to pretend that I do.  We are always rushing, always forgetting things, and always scrambling to get everything done in a day.  September was a particularly busy month in our house and before I had a chance to breathe, I realized my youngest was turning four in a matter of days.  Whoops.

I do love a challenge but starting to plan 48 hours before the party was perhaps a little crazy.  This party was a family party for mostly adults so I didn't have to worry about games or goody bags.  The pieces I pulled together could be used for a birthday party, engagement party, baby shower, or for any occasion. 


-Pick a theme and commit to it 100%.  This will make your life SO much easier.  You won't waste time looking at party decor that doesn't fit the theme.  Find a simple idea you love and stick to it.  I knew the Lumberjack theme was perfect because it got me excited and gave me the motivation to hustle. 

-Try to use items you already have around the house.  For this 'Lumberjack' inspired party I found wooden serving bowls, pine cones, and baskets around the house.  If you don't have what you need, consider asking friends if you can borrow some items that might suit your theme.  This will save you time AND money. 

-Keep the food simple.  For me, it worked best to focus my time on appetizers and the cake and order pizza for the meal.  Everyone loves pizza and it saved me a ton of work.   Ordering a cake would be a good idea if you can but I enjoy making cakes and the woodsy cake I made wasn't too difficult.  Here is the link to the cake inspiration that I referenced to make my sons tree stump cake.


1.  Kardz Kouture reindeer print (instant download).  Printables are the perfect way to add fun to your party table.  This print was $5.00 and I ordered it and sent the pdf to the local print shop the same night.  It was ready for pick up the next morning and after cutting it to size, I put it in a frame that I had around the house.  This print is going to look amazing in my house after the party too! 

2.  Buffalo Check Happy Birthday Banner (instant download) - A quick Etsy search lead me to this printable birthday banner in buffalo check for $4.00.  I ordered the file and sent the pdf to the local print shop the same night.  You could print this at home but the print shop does a nice job printing things on cardstock and $3.00 to print seemed cheaper to me that draining my ink cartidges at home.  Once I picked it up, I cut the banner out and strung some jute chord through holes that I punched in the top.  A little bit crafty, a whole lot awesome.

3.  Tree stump slice chargers.  If I had more time, I would have tried to source wood for free but alas, I had no time so I was forced to try and find something locally in store.  I felt like I won the lottery when I found these at my local Homesense store.  I was looking for anything 'woodsy' and these were perfect for serving appetizers.  I will get years of use out of these so I was happy to spend $24.99. 

4.  Buffalo Check plaid fabric from the local fabric store.  Since I didn't have time to order a tablecloth online or spend hours shopping, I had to be resourceful.  One metre of the perfect plaid was $11.00 at my local fabric store and I know I will use it again, especially with Christmas coming soon.

5.  Pinecones - I had a stash of pinecones that I use for fall decor and they were perfect for the table.  These of course are free, just go for a quick nature walk and find a few to scatter on your table.

6.  Burlap table runner or placemat.  This added some woodsy texture to the decor and broke up the buffalo check a bit.  I found a variety of burlap table runners and place mats at The Canadian Superstore in their home wear section for $3.50 each.

7.  Cake topper balloon.  I was short on time but wanted some special pieces to celebrate my babe turning four.  A balloon cake topper was the perfect way to make the cake special.  Thankfully Confetti and Sparkle Party Shop is a local shop and I was able to purchase a silver '4' at a local pop up shop right before the party. 

8.  Red disposable plates and napkins.  Dollar store, no brainer. 

printable happy birthday banner
printable reindeer
last minute lumberjack party
tree stump cake

This was one of the best family parties I have hosted and that's amazing considering I pulled it all together in less than 48 hours.  The possibilities of this theme are endless especially if you have more time, so check out my Pinterest Board for more great ideas!