how to add footprints to your mushybook

Raise your hand if you think baby feet are one of the cutest things on earth. Okay now that we've agreed on that, I think we can agree that we'd like to preserve them forever and ever, am I right?  Since your Mushybook has a page for hand prints and foot prints, a common question we get asked is:

"What's the best way to add footprints to my baby book?" 

We recently met Ella and her parents, Helen and Chris, and they graciously invited us into their BEAUTIFUL nursery to show you that achieving great foot prints and hand prints is not as hard as you think.


  • Ink - there are SO many inks to choose from but the two key things you need to look for are 'non-toxic' and 'washable.' Finding a product that is safe for baby is essential and you also want a product that is going to wash off easily with a bit of mild soap and water. We found a very inexpensive product at our local craft store and it worked beautifully. We chose black so it would stand out nicely on the paper.
  • Paper - we don't recommend stamping the hand prints or foot prints directly into your baby book page simply because the risk of error is just too high. For this demo, we used a piece of thick card stock and cut out the prints after to secure them to the book page. 
  • Extra Set of Hands - four hands are better than two when it comes to baby foot prints. As you see in our video, one person held the baby facing outwards and another person assisted by applying the ink and placing the baby's foot on the paper. 
  • Scissors - to cut out your hand prints and foot prints.
  • Adhesive tape - regular tape will dry up over time, so we recommend using an archival quality adhesive tape or adhesive dots found at your local craft store. 

step by step guide:

  1. Lay your supplies out on a flat surface. For our demo, we used the change table in the nursery and it was a perfect height. 
  2. Make sure baby is fed and happy (or sleeping). We didn't intend on Ella sleeping through this, but as it turned out she did and it worked out great! No wiggling, no fussing and it made it stress-free for the parents.
  3. Apply ink to one foot by dabbing the ink pad over the surface of the foot making sure to get full coverage.
  4. Using slow, even pressure, place the foot on the paper starting with the heel and rolling to the toes. Once the toes are touching the paper, press the entire foot down firmly including the toes.
  5. Remove the foot from the paper using the same rolling motion, but lift the heel first and toes last.
  6. Wash the first foot and proceed with the second foot using the same steps.
  7. If you are doing the hand prints as well, use the same method doing one hand at a time and applying even pressure from the heel of the hand through the fingers. We found the trickiest part was getting Ella to open her hand completely in order to apply the ink, but we were patient and tickled the back of her hand slightly to get her to open her hand.
  8. Wash the first hand and proceed to the second hand if desired.
  9. Leave your prints to dry for a minute before cutting out.
  10. Cut out your prints and secure to your Mushybook using adhesive tape or dots. 
foot print tutorial
mushybook in nursery
baby footprints
baby girl nursery
foot print tutorial
foot print tutorial
baby footprint tutorial
baby footprint tutorial
baby footprint tutorial
baby footprint tutorial
baby foot print tutorial
baby footprint tutorial
baby footprint tutorial


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Special thanks to Helen, Chris and Ella for having us in their home and being such great models!  XOXO

nursery details:

Baby Book - Mushybooks
Heart decals - Urbanwalls
Hi Blanket - Yarningmade
Organic Swaddle Blanket - Numpfer
Heart Print - Banquet Atelier &
For Like Ever Print - Super Rural
The World is Your Oyster Print - Rifle Paper Co
Diapers - The Honest Company