diy baileys irish cream

Another holiday season is upon us and I find myself in 'last minute shopping mode' once again (oops). I didn't find any time this Christmas to make homemade gifts for anyone, but the good news is my friend Kirsten did. I was lucky enough to be on the receiving end of her creativity and thoughtfulness and I was so blown away that I wanted to share the idea with you all. Stop what you're doing and listen up.  Homemade Baileys Irish Cream is where it's at. This would make a fabulous gift for a hostess, your neighbours, friends, or anyone who appreciates a handmade gift.

Kirsten is a mom of two young boys and knows what all moms want - alcohol. Well maybe she just knows ME well and knows that this is something I would love.  Mission accomplished friend! I love this idea because it's festive and fun and EASY to make! 

homemade baileys

She found the recipe on Brown Eyed Baker and packaged it up so nicely with glass bottles from the Dollar Store (score!) and tags by Victoria Senges found at The Handpicked Home in White Rock, BC. What an elegant touch to this classy gift. 

victoria senges tags
pixelpaperhearts mug
homemade baileys

Don't ask me why, but coffee always tastes better in my favourite mug by Pixel Paper Hearts. It's cheeky and fun and reminds me that I got this (even when I'm not so sure that I got this!)

coffee with homemade Baileys

Christmas can be a crazy, exhausting season for us moms, but with a lot of coffee and a little secret sauce made lovingly by a friend, I know I'll make it through. Thank you Kirsten for being in my tribe. Love you!