wall prints we love


You know when you get really motivated one day to revamp a room and then half way through painting one wall you are sort of regretting it? Ya, that would be me and this project. I don't know WHAT I was thinking?! We had decorated my daughter's room three years ago when we bought this house and there were other rooms that probably should have been put before this one, but alas, here I was on one of the hottest days of summer, up on a ladder in my daughter's room questioning my sanity.  

I survived the painting (barely) and moved on to applying the wall decals.  We chose the 'Mini Pastel Confetti Dots' decals from Urbanwalls. The type-A, perfectionist in me wanted a perfect pattern of cute dots, but my daughter pushed hard for a random scattering of decals. No matter what I wanted, this is HER space so I let her make the call. Not only were these super easy to apply, we actually had fun doing it. Win-win!   

Next up, hanging art. How hard can a gallery wall be? I've dabbled. We have a few collections in the house, mostly of family pictures and the such, but this was my first attempt for my kids. There are so many amazing online shops selling unbelievably cool prints for kids, so the decisions were tough but our criteria was:

  • we both must like it
  • it must grow with her
  • it can't cost and arm and a leg

Based on those criteria, we are happy to share our choices for our top 'Gallery Wall Picks' in our big girl room redecoration project.  

1. "Make today ridiculously awesome" by Pixel Paper Hearts

We love this fun print because it added a touch of black and kept the room young and fun.

2. "You are so loved" by Paperfelt

I am a huge Paperfelt fan and love everything Brenny creates. We both love this print because of the hearts, the splash of colour and the sweet message.

3. "La Pina" by The Land of Nod

This print was an instant 'YES' for my daughter. It's fun and fruity and brought some yellow into the space.  

4. "Silver Shimmer Heart" by Kardz Kouture

We love this simple silver foil heart because it's classic and timeless. Georgia is going to have this in her space for years to come and if she doesn't want it anymore, I'm stealing it for my room.

5. "Personalized Paint Chip Print" by Pixel Paper Hearts

We couldn't resist a personalized print in a bold colour for this space. I let her pick whatever colour she wanted, and to my surprise she picked pink which makes me feel like she's still my little girl. Aw.


Working with an opinionated seven year old was challenging, but I'm happy she loves it and that makes all of the effort worthwhile.  

**Note: This post was not sponsored in any way.**