1st birthday time capsule: free printables

time capsule free printable

The first year of a baby’s life is a memorable one.  It’s a year full of feeding, burping, barfing, pooping and god willing, sleeping.  When you are deep in it you think it will never end, but then just like that your little baby is turning one.  Throughout my baby’s first year I tried my best to document all the special moments.   Whenever I found myself with a spare second, I would jot down those special little milestones before I inevitably forgot or it all blurred together. 

I wanted to do something a little different and special for my baby’s first birthday.  Since we would have the opportunity to see family from far and wide, I wanted to be able to include them in documenting this special time.  I did this by creating a time capsule.

time capsule printables

Because our family is spread across the country, I included an insert with the birthday party invitations to explain to everyone what we were doing with the time capsule.  It gave everyone the chance to pull some items together that they were excited to contribute. 

At the party, I set up a table with pictures of the birthday boy, a few special items and had little questionnaire for people to fill out.  It was a great way to have family and friends put a few words down without the pressure of having to come up with the topics on their own. 

time capsule table sign free printable
first birthday cake smash panda party
first birthday cake smash
first birthday panda cake

I loved seeing the unique items that everyone contributed from antique army pins, a full set of Canadian coins, a Dr. Wayne Dyer book to a small bottle of whiskey.  The personalized notes and advice that family members included were touching and I loved the original answers everyone had for the time capsule questionnaire. 

time capsule

The time capsule was a fun party activity and a special way to celebrate the birthday boy.  It was a great way for everyone to reflect on the year gone by and think of how different the world will be in 17 years.  I had a ton of fun putting it together and I know that it’s something that my son will enjoy looking at on his 18th birthday. 




Time Capsule Invitation Insert (pdf) - editable using Adobe Acrobat X Pro so you can add your child's name and the date that the time capsule will be opened.

Time Capsule Table Sign (pdf) - editable using Adobe Acrobat X Pro so you can display at the party instructing guests on how to fill in their predictions questionnaire.

Time Capsule Predictions (pdf) - print and cut out to size. The crop marks are there to help make cutting easy.

Helpful Hints: The printables were created using Century Gothic so you can add your text in the same font.  To add text to the printables, click on the Typewriter key in Adobe and place the cursor where you'd like to add text.  You can save a new version of the file with your text and then print at home or inexpensively at a local print shop.  For the party above, we printed on nice thick cardstock and had the printer trim them to size.