mushybooks turns two

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This January marks the two year anniversary for Mushybooks. In all honesty, this past year is a bit of a blur. When you are running a business and raising three kids, it's difficult to stop and reflect on everything - we sort of wake up, go, go, go, go all day long and then fall into bed exhausted. We are still a very young business and operate with no employees - it's me and my 'already-hard-working' husband who stay up late every night assembling books and work tirelessly every weekend keeping up with orders. My office has now taken over the family room and my former office is now the Mushybooks stock room. It's not glamorous or fancy, but its where we are at. 

I'd say starting a business is a bit like having your first child. In year one, we were very unsure and stumbled our way through the days with hearts in our eyes. We were nervous and apprehensive with making decisions, but so in love that the long hours and lack of sleep were still fun and exciting. As the business grew, we found our groove, established roles and started gaining confidence. Just when you think you know what you're doing, year two hits you and realize you still have no idea what you're doing. Nobody tells you that it doesn't get easier! This adorable little business you once knew has now taken over your life, in a great and exhausting way. You love it so much and are so proud of it, but you really don't remember what your life was like before the business. Once your 'baby' can walk, it opens a whole new set of challenges right? That's sort of where we are. You want your baby to learn to walk so badly, but once it happens you're like, "Oh sh*t, our kid can walk!?" Despite the challenges and growing pains there have been so many great moments this year.


  • Launched the commerce portion of our website in addition to selling on Etsy
  • Automated our shipping process using shipping software and DYMO labels
  • Designed custom shipping boxes improving branding & minimize shipping damage
  • Participated in 2 amazing markets and 1 stellar pop up shop
  • Attended the Blogpodium Conference
  • Launched the Mushybooks Blog
  • Incorporated our business (whoa, serious stuff)
  • Reached 15K followers on Instagram
  • Collaborated with Wild Kids Apparel for a new theme
  • Connected with many amazing bloggers and participated in numerous giveaways
mushybooks turns two

To celebrate our 2nd Birthday, we want to include all of you! Without our customers we wouldn't have reached this milestone, so we wanted to include you in the fun!


TAG & WIN! Post a picture of your Mushybook with the hashtag #mushybooksturnstwo and you are entered to WIN YOUR PURCHASE. That's a party alright! Everyone who has a Mushybook is welcome to enter, no matter when you got your book or if you've posted before. 


  • Each picture is one entry but each post must be a new picture
  • Tag all photos with #mushybooksturnstwo
  • Deadline is March 1, 2016
  • Winner will be randomly drawn from all entries on March 2, 2016
  • Profile must be public so we can see your tags
  • The 'Win your Purchase' amount does not include tax or shipping
  • If you've made multiple purchases, you will be refunded for the largest purchase (ie: if you've purchased extra pages in a separate transaction, you would win the cost of your book, not the extra pages).
  • Open worldwide

Big thanks to Brenny at Paperfelt for illustrating the 'Mushybooks Turns Two' graphic for me.  You never let me down and always knock my socks off with your gorgeous work, so thank you for being a part of my celebration! Go check out her shop at for some amazing hand-lettered goodness.

mushybooks turns two

Thanks to everyone who has supported us and shown us love this year! 


UPDATE:  The winner of the #mushybooksturnstwo contest is Stephanie Aunan (@stephmay718).  Congratulations mama!  Thank you to everyone for entering!