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mushybooks blog pen review

Pens. Is it weird to love pens? Probably hey? Well in the spirit of Valentines Day and being a weirdo, I'm sharing which pens I love for your Mushybook. 

A few months after starting Mushybooks, I realized that pen choice was a big thing for people. The emails started pouring in with questions about what pens to use so I created a 'pen test swatch' of the same paper as the book pages, so that you can try pens on before writing in your book. I've decided to take it one step further because there are so many pens to choose from, it can be costly to go out and buy a bunch of pens without knowing if they are going to work for your baby book.

mushybooks blog pen review
mushybooks blog pen review


Here are my quick thoughts on each pen (in alphabetical order)

top 3 pens

My personal preference is an extra fine tip pen and when writing in your Mushybook you want to make sure the ink doesn't bleed through the page. I used the pen test swatch each time and based on my testing of how the ink flows, the tip, whether it smudged, how the pen felt in my hand and cost, here are my favorite pens.

1. Sakura Micron 01 (.25mm) - This pen is dreamy and writes a beautiful line. It's a great size, not too delicate or too bulky. The ink is archival meaning it will not fade over time. I purchased this in a pack of three with the 03+05, which is nice because you can see which thickness you like better.

2. Pilot G-Tec C4 (.2mm) - This pen is a close second, but is more delicate than the Sakura Micron so that was the deciding factor. I would say this has an extra fine tip. It writes beautifully and felt great to hold.

3. Sharpie Pen (Fine) - Please don't confuse this with the Sharpie Extra Fine Marker (pictured above), which was a nightmare. The Sharpie I loved was NOT A MARKER. This pen is really smooth and has a fine tip. It has acid free nontoxic ink, so will stand the test of time.  This pen came in a pack of 2 for $3.99 so is great value.

top three pens to use in your mushybook

honorable mentions

There were a few pens that I also loved and I know you will too. Like I said, my preference is an extra fine tip and these were a bit thicker than my perfect pen, but they are really great choice for your Mushybook. No matter what, always use the pen test swatch that comes with your book to try out pens before writing in your book.

  • Pilot Drawing Pen 03
  • Sakura Micron 03
  • Le Pen
  • Copic Multiliner (a fantastic pen but the cost didn't make sense for me)
pen test swatch