five tips for keeping your mushybook up to date

keeping your baby book up to date

Mom life is busy.  Life with young kids even more so.   We know that finding the time to fill in your baby book can be challenging and Mushybooks were designed with this in mind.  We wanted to make them fun and easy to fill out and hopefully make you more successful at recording all of those special moments and milestones.  In case you are still struggling with where to begin, we asked our customers for their best advice and have put together these five tips for helping you keep your Mushybook up to date.  

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1.  Do bits at a time.  

Mushybooks are laid out into three month sections so that even if you only get to it once every three months, you are still up to date!  Don't overwhelm yourself by trying to do it all in one sitting.  

If you have your book before baby comes, take advantage of that time to fill in any parts that don't require the baby to be there.  You can even take it to the hospital with you as you could record the birth story when its fresh in your mind.  

I did Beckham’s as I went. I usually revisited it each month when I took and printed his monthly picture.
— @breannak
happy camper arrival page

2.  Work on your book while baby sleeps.  

Whether it be nap time or bedtime, having uninterrupted time to sit down and work on your Mushybook is key.  Pour yourself a cup of tea or wine (you deserve it!) and enjoy creating this beautiful keepsake for your little.  

Mushybooks modern baby books - available online at

3.  Keep your Mushybook somewhere will you will see it everyday.  

'Out of sight, out of mind' definitely comes into play here.  Keep your Mushybook in an area of the house that you will see everyday to visually remind you to update it.  This will also make it easier to grab it and jot things down quickly as they happen.  

We see lots of Mushybooks displayed in nurseries and we think this is a fantastic idea.  If you search #mushybookshelfie on Instagram you will see some great display ideas.  We would love to see how you display your book also, so tag us!

Nursery shelf styling

4.  Keep up to date with your photos.  

It's a lot easier to sort through a couple hundred photos each month as opposed to thousands if you wait until baby is a year old.  There are tons of great photo printing shops that make it super easy to just upload photos from your phone, Instagram or computer and have them shipped right to your doorstep in days.  Many even have an app making it even simpler!  Some of our favourites include: Origrami, Artifact UprisingFoxprint, Social Print Studio and Eternogram.  

Photo credit:  Home Sweet Ruby

Photo credit: Home Sweet Ruby

Mushybooks modern baby books - available at
I’ve been keeping mine out where I can see it so that I can add little bits every couple of days and check back in. I printed photos at the three month mark and I think i’ll do that at 6 months and 9 months as well.
— @creativewifeandjoyfulworker

5.  If you don't have time in the moment, make a note in your phone, on a sticky note or email yourself so you can add it later.  

We know that its probably not realistic to be able to be adding every one of baby's milestones as they happen.  That is why we suggest making a note in your phone or notebook or sending yourself a quick email with these moments while they are fresh in your mind.  

I love the idea of writing out what you want to say in a notepad before putting it in the book.
— @homesweetruby
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Finally, our advice is to enjoy it and not think of filling in your Mushybook as another task you have to complete.  Take advantage of the quiet time you have to reminisce about all of those special moments.   Know that these memories and milestones that you are writing down will be cherished by you and your baby for years to come.  

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