brand ambassador - codi lynn

Mushybooks brand ambassador announcement

We are delighted to announce our first ever Mushybooks Brand Ambassador, well known blogger, busy mama and entrepreneur, Codi Lynn.  

We will be following along with Codi for her baby's first year as she documents the milestones and memories in her Mushybook.  We are looking forward to seeing how Codi's creativity and keen eye for design shine through in her documentation of all of her baby's special moments.   

Codi Lynn filling out her Mushybook
Cody Lynn's Mushybook in progress
Codi Lynn filling out her Mushybook
One of my greatest joys is getting glimpses into peoples lives when they post photos of their Mushybooks. It is truly an honour to be a small part of documenting your precious little ones. I am so excited to follow Codi through her baby’s first year and see how she uses her Mushybook to document every special moment and milestone.
— Lesley Hobbs, Designer & Owner at Mushybooks
codi lynn looking at bump
Cody holding book
codi lynn smiling side view

Codi Lynn is the epitome of a busy mom.  She runs a successful lifestyle blog, Creative Wife Joyful Worker, her own graphic design company Creative Wife Designs in addition to being a soon to be mom of 3 littles!  Codi is well known to the small shop community for her endless support and creative collaborations with many local companies.  

As I approach the time to bring this little babe into the world I know that I am going to want to document all the itty bitty moments that pass by so quickly. Mushybooks is just the right tool to help me do that. I am excited to share my journey throughout the year as I document the different stages and am able to record them down in a stylish and modern keepsake that I know will be treasured forever.
— Codi Lynn

Thank you to Codi for sharing your story with us and allowing us to follow along during this special time!  Best of luck as your family grows and you welcome your new baby to the family!  XO