How to spoil a new mom: Featuring K'pure

Spoil a new mom with K'pure & Mushybooks

There isn't a gift that's more fun to buy than a baby gift.  Hands down, take all my money.  Who can resist all of the gorgeous, itty bitty things you can find in stores and online these days?  Not me! It's all so precious but I've come to appreciate that sometimes the perfect gift is something just for mom.

Recently my sister-in-law had baby number three and I couldn't wait to spoil her.  She has a son and a daughter already and has all of the 'gear' and clothes on hand so I figured what better gift than something to pamper and spoil her. That's when I knew she needed some K'pure Naturals in her life!

K'pure is a Canadian company that makes all natural body care products. Each product was formulated with the strictest attention to quality and detail because K'pure believes that what you put on your body is as important as what you put in your body.  After having a baby, a woman's body needs some TLC and K'pure is the perfect way to get a new mom on the road to feeling like her old self.

Spoil a New Mom with K'pure & Mushybooks

I chose a variety of products for her including:

1. Drenched Body Butter
2. Keep Going
3. Overachiever
4. Recover
5. Get Closer
6. Sleepy Time
7. Happy Camper Baby Book

Not only are these products luxurious and will help her relax and unwind, but they are necessary for a healing body.  The 'Overachiever' is perfect for baby's bottom and mama's sore nipples.  I know she is going to love the 'Keep Going' energizing essential oil spray on those days when she needs an extra boost and the 'Sleepy Time' foaming baby wash to keep all the kids smelling fresh at bath time.  I also included the 'Get Closer' all natural deodorant because I've been using it and LOVE it.

I included a Mushybook for her as well because the newborn days can be a blur and writing down special moments is so important.  Little Turner has a special place in the family, being the last baby for my sister-in-law, so I know she's going to want to cherish each milestone. 

Spoil a new mom with K'pure & Mushybooks
Spoil a new mom with K'pure & Mushybooks
Spoil a new mom with K'pure & Mushybooks
Spoil a new mom with K'pure & Mushybooks

This was such a fun gift to buy and I know my sister-in-law loved it.  I always take great pleasure in introducing someone to K'pure because their products are amazing and made with love.  I'm thrilled because I also get to share K'pure with ALL OF YOU!  Enter below to WIN an $100 shop credit from K'pure Naturals and a Mushybook of your choice!  This would make an amazing gift for yourself or a special new mom in your life!

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