The Gift of Memories - Baby's 1st Christmas

Inkless Print Kit by Mushybooks

Written by Guest Blogger - Posie and Pine

This year I have really been trying to think through how to give differently. Obviously there has been a major shift in trying to give ethically, sustainably, and all around just more meaningful giving.

When I bought our first Mushybook for our son, not only was I looking for a quality book that would last the ages but also something contemporary and minimalistic. I fell in love with Mushybooks and continued using their books with my next two. They are one of my most treasured possessions so when the opportunity came up to work with them on a special DIY project for the holidays – it was a no brainer!

Mushybooks now offers an Inkless Print Kit. It’s the perfect mess-free way to capture your sweet little hands and feet in real time – keepsakes you will have forever.

Inkless Print Kit by Mushybooks
Baby's First Christmas Inkless Kit DIY

Not only is the Inkless Print Kit the perfect way to add prints to your baby book, it’s also the perfect way to cherish Baby’s First Christmas. After some brainstorming, pinning and DIY-ing we have come up with some creative ways to include your Inkless prints into gifts or special mementos to have for years to come. Whether it’s a gift for the grandparents, or something special for your holiday tree, these simple (and cost effective!) gifts will be treasured for all the years to come.

Inkless Print Kit

Here are a few of the tools and items I used to complete these projects:

Baby's 1st Christmas gift DIY

1.      Ready-made photo ornaments

For those of you who may not have a great knack for getting crafty but still love sentimental gifts, these are for you! You can buy these ready made photo frame ornaments practically anywhere (these are found at our local Michaels for just $4). Not only is a ready-made photo frame ornament a great way for you to remember the year you celebrated Baby’s First Christmas, it also makes a very special gift.

Baby's First Christmas handprint ornament
Baby's First Christmas footprint ornament

2.      Customizable Picture Frame

This one gives you A LOT of freedom for some creativity. Paint it, have your toddlers paint it, put a name, a verse, a quote, a song – the possibilities are endless. You can find these and other similar ones in the discount section at Michaels (CAN) and many other similar frames at dollar stores.

Baby's First Christmas

3.      Clear Christmas Balls with Fairy lights

 Ready to add a little more SPARKLE into your gift?

You can find glass or plastic clear Christmas ball ornaments at most craft stores. Solar powered fairly lights work best for this project because you don’t have to worry about hiding a battery pack. Simply slip your sweet print in by rolling it up and then unrolling inside (just use a pen or end of scissors to do it) and the twinkling lights will literally light up those special memories throughout your holiday season.

Baby's First Christmas twinkle light ornament

4.      The Last Minute Card

 If you really are short on time you can always just make a simple card. It’s the thought and memories that truly count! Cut out their prints to include in a card or make one yourself using them on the cover. It will be a card that is kept forever.

Baby's First Christmas card

These are just a handful of ways to create, keep and give this Christmas using the Inkless Print Kit from Mushybooks, but there are many more ways to use them! Make sure to checkout Mushybooks at to purchase your special keepsake books and an Inkless Print Kit.

Mushybooks wishes to thank Olivia from Posie and Pine for creating the content and photo styling for this blog post. If you would like to see more from Posie and Pine, follow her on her social media (links below).